Need for Words: What's the Word?

'What's the word' games will never be the same.

Need for Words

Need for Words is a "What's the word" game with 4 unique game types.

Love puzzles? Then you will love Need for Words – an exciting puzzle game for the 21st century.

Need for Words is a new and addictive game where you must guess a word from multiple or a single picture. Our unique and challenging puzzle game is great fun for the whole family and will keep you entertained for hours on end as you challenge your brain to think outside the box to arrange the letters to form a word! If you like logo and puzzle games: then you will love Need for Words!

This crazy game of knowledge and guessing with push your mind to the edge as you battle your way through the progressively hard levels and make it to the end of the game! You must uncover the image enough so that you can accurately guess the word – then, simply arrange the letters to spell the answer!

4 addictive game modes:

– CLASSIC 4 PICS, 1 WORD: Use four images to guess the associated word and arrange the answer with the 12 random letters!

– WHAT’S THE PICTURE: One picture is covered by small squares, tap on them individually to unveil the image beneath – win more coins for uncovering subtle parts of the image or risk losing coins by going for squares in the middle! Then, use the letters to spell the answer!

– PLUS/MINUS: The +/- word game is exclusive to Need for Words – look at three images and find the connection between them – arrange the letters to form the answer and see if you are correct!

– 3D: Our innovative 3D game is fun and challenging as you stare as the stereograms until something takes shape! TIP: To see the hidden image, look ‘through’ the screen (imagine you are looking for an object behind it).

Pick a game category of your choice and earn as many coins as you can – will you be the Need for Words master or will you fall to the knees at the challenge?

Love puzzles? Welcome to the crazy world of Need for Words!

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